Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West make nice after Twitter “rap feud”

10.10.13 6 years ago

Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West make nice after Twitter “rap feud”
The nearly 25-minute interview included a Kimmel apology and a Kanye rant that lasted more than eight minutes.

Richard Belzer is leaving “SVU”
Munch will no longer be a series regular after turning in his retirement papers.

Study: Viewers prefer TV shows with diverse casts
UCLA researchers studied 1,000 shows, and found that shows with the most diversity had higher ratings.

Michele Bachmann responds to Miley Cyrus’ “SNL” sketch
“I’ve never done twerking in my life, and I don’t intend to take it up,” said the Minnesota congresswoman says of Miley impersonating her.

ESPN pulling out of “League of Denial” brought a lot of attention to the “Frontline” documentary
Had ESPN not pulled out, the “Frontline” probably would’ve had a much-smaller audience.

Craig Robinson detained briefly drug possession in the Bahamas
“The Office” alum was ordered to pay a fine after he authorities found him with ecstasy and marijuana.

Is “Modern Family” still “modern”?

After 100 episodes, the ABC sitcom feels very traditional. PLUS: “Modern Family” boss recalls all the ways the show could’ve gone wrong, and what would the show be like on cable?

Seattle police calls Stephen Colbert “rife with errors”
The Seattle PD “objected” to this week’s segment on marijuana legalization.

“South Park’s” George Zimmerman episode was one of its best “Controversy” episodes
“World War Zimmerman” used “World War Z” to skewer Zimmerman.

Rebel Wilson: I’ve received no U.S. weightloss offers
Despite rumors, the “Super Fun Night” star says she’s concentrating on her TV show.

Jimmy Kimmel does a special musician edition of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”

Watch a special edition featuring John Legend, Darius Rucker and Demi Lovato.

Kris & Bruce Jenner have actually separated for nearly a year
Did E! cameras already film their split?

Food Network orders more “Mystery Diners”
The undercover restaurant reality show has received a 26-episode pickup.

Is “Coven” too straightforward for the “American Horror Story” franchise?
Normally, “AHS” thrives on being chaotic. Not this season. PLUS: This season feels like a tropical vacation compared to last year, “AHS” is “ambitious, bitchy, frisky, entertaining as all-get-out,” how “AHS” comes up with those creepy promos, and Kathy Bates on joining “AHS.”

Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Central late-night show gets a premiere date
“@midnight” premieres Oct. 21.

“The Six Million Dollar Man” will get a 6th season, via comic book

“The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 6” picks up where the TV show left off in 1978.

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