Molly Solverson vs. Ron Swanson: A Heroes vs. Villains Debate

The third annual March Madness Heroes versus Villains showdown is underway!  You have until Sunday to cast your votes in Round 1.

One of the most exciting match-ups in this first round is the head to head battle royale of 'Fargo's heroic deputy Sheriff Molly Solverson against Parks and Rec eminence gris Ron Swanson.

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall and Richard Rushfield stepped into the arena to debate: whom is the mighter of these titans?  Which of the great heroes deserves to move forward and take on the victor of the showdown between Supergirl and Jessica Jones.

Never have two giants of television squared off like this before!  But only one can move forward. Be an informed voter and watch the debate below, then cast your ballot today!