Morgan Spurlock is here to ruin your day with a clip from his documentary about rats

Morgan Spurlock, whose every documentary feels like it should have an exclamation point at the end of its title, has yet another coming out soon: Rats. It's about rats! Actual rats, who are kind of cute in isolation but not so cute when hordes of them are running across a subway platform or rooting through garbage bins.

Billed as a “history of rat infestations in major cities throughout the world,” this clip from Rats focuses on the rodent-plagued streets of New York. To make his point that the pests are a public, disease-carrying menace bent on our destruction, Spurlock lays it on thick, ladling throbbing horror-movie music over the scene of dozens of the critters rushing and squealing out of a heap of trash bags on a street corner. If your skin isn't crawling by the end of this, I have literally nothing in common with you.

Watch the clip above. Rats premieres October 22 on Discovery.