Morgan’s ‘all life matters’ philosophy isn’t changing any time soon on ‘The Walking Dead’


This Sunday, The Walking Dead returns. Despite a look of “sixth verse, same as the first” – where The Group once again watches everything they”ve built up destroyed in front of their eyes – creator Robert Kirkman promises this time will be different. That this time everyone will come together and fight for their right to live as a community. All of which is great news for those of us hoping the survivors would find somewhere to put down roots. But how steady can those roots be when the cancer of “All life matters equally, don”t kill anyone” Morgan is still infecting the heart of Alexandria? Normally I”m all about a policy of asking questions first, shooting later. But not in the world of The Walking Dead, especially one with Negan looming on the horizon.

Yet apparently this conflict between Morgan and the rest of The Group isn”t going away any time soon. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman confirmed not even the tragic results of his philosophy have changed Morgan”s views.

     Morgan has a very solidified way of thinking that he truly believes in that is at times very much in conflict with almost everyone in Rick”s group, and that”s going to be a huge part of this back half of the season. I would say that the conflict between him and Carol is only beginning. I would expect to see, a little bit more of that in the back half of the season as Morgan is still finding his place within this group.

     He”s still very much new to the scene and trying to feel out, how it is that he interacts with these people. And his philosophy, as I said, is at odds with Rick, and it”s possibly going to be more at odds after the attack on Alexandria than it was before. So, there”s been some interesting things ahead for the character Morgan, and we”ll just have to see where they go.

Last year, the Morgan-centric episode of The Walking Dead was – in my opinion – one of the strongest character studies the show has ever done. You really get a grasp on WHY Morgan thinks the way he does. That doesn”t make it any less infuriating. Between the Wolves escaping with a gun (and having to be put down by Rick) and the lone Wolf in the basement that escaped with Denise as a hostage, Morgan is way more of a liability than an asset at this point.

Giving everyone a second chance is a noble goal. Giving everyone a third chance is naive. Also a terrible idea in world where Lucille exists.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 14, 2016.

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