‘Mr. Brightside’: Performance of The Killers song at Irish wake draws band’s attention

Every once in a while, you come across a video that simply gives you goosebumps. This is that video.

During a March 24 wake in Killorglin, Ireland, a room of mourners paid tribute to their lost friend, Ger “Farmer” Foley with a rousing performance of “Mr Brightside” from The Killers. The room was led by Foley”s buddy Brian O”Sullivan, who does everything from take his shirt off to stage dive. According to the BBC, Foley passed away at just 45 years old from cystic fibrosis.

Before breaking into song, O”Sullivan said of Foley, “He was the salt of the earth, he will never be replaced and we will remember him forever in our lives…I think that the most appropriate song that you can get for this man is Mr. Brightside.”

The video, which has been seen approximately 1 million times, has since gotten the attention of The Killers themselves.

The band wrote on their Twitter page, “Brian O'Sullivan, if Brandon ever needs a fill-in, we're calling you! May we all have friends like this.”

Check it out…