MTV Movie Awards to pause the silliness for Paul Walker

Amid the presentations for Best Shirtless Performance and Conan O'Brien's comic mugging, moments of earnestness are likely to be few at this week's MTV Movie Awards — which is as it has always been. But the levity will be suspended for at least a couple of minutes, as organizers have announced that the show will feature a tribute to the late “Fast & Furious” star Paul Walker, nearly five months after the 40-year-old actor died in a car crash.

Walker is also posthumously nominated (with Vin Diesel, of course) this year for Best Onscreen Duo in “Furious 6” — though the LA Times confirms that the presentation of that award will stand separate from the tribute, which will take the form of a clip reel, preceded by an onstage dedication from his “Furious” co-star (and onscreen wife) Jordana Brewster.

Walker, of course, is far from the only big-name star to have passed away prematurely in the past year, though MTV president Stephen Friedman states that his loss was especially resonant to the channel's viewers: “Paul Walker was a role model for the MTV audience since the very beginning of his too-short career. Our audience grew up with him, from ‘Varsity Blues” to the ‘Furious” franchise. He was a movie star but one that they could relate to. Paul's humanity and kindness clearly showed through every role. We're honored to be able to spend a moment in this year's Movie Awards to celebrate him.”

Walker was a regular attendee at the awards ceremony, and shared the award for Best Onscreen Team with Vin Diesel in 2002, the same year he was nominated for Best Breakthrough Male Performance.