Music Power Rankings: Justin Timberlake beats Ariana Grande for the top spot

03.31.13 6 years ago

1. Justin Timberlake: “The 20/20 Experience” has the highest sales week of a male solo artist in nearly 5 years. JT”s not only bringing sexyback, he”s bringing salesback.

2. Ariana Grande:
“The Way” with Mac Miller soars to No. 1 on the iTunes chart. That”s some kind of “Victorious” feat for the Nickelodeon star

3. MTV Awards: 
To commemorate the 30th anniversary, the awards show is moving to Brooklyn”s Barclays Center.  It”s time to break out “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” for the promos.

4. “The Voice”:
Blake and Adam return with new friends Shakira and Usher as the talent show”s rating tower over “American Idol,” which scored its lowest rating ever on Thursday.  There”s a new sheriff in town.

5. Rolling Stones:
They are set to headline Glastonbury Festival. What? they didn”t want to wait until their 75th anniversary?

6. J Dash: His song “WOP” brings new life to his career after Miley Cyrus posts a video of her twerking her way through the tune in a unicorn outfit. Girl, you better Twerk!!

7. Marilyn Manson: The shock rocker is the new poster boy for fashion brand Saint Laurent because when we think high fashion we think the pasty-faced Manson….

8. Public Image Ltd: The Johnny Lydon -led band gets cleared to play in China, and yet China bans Kraftwerk from playing. Is Xi Jinping a closet Sex Pistols fan?

9. Michelle Shocked: Her craziness continues as she shows up to protest the cancellation of her gigs with duct tape over her mouth and a ski mask. Will someone please get her some help?

10. Rick Ross: Just because the word “rape” isn”t used, doesn”t mean it”s not unwanted sex. Shameful….


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