Music Power Rankings: Rolling Stones top Katy Perry’s bra and Nicki Minaj

1. Rolling Stones: This week marked the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones” first gig. It’s only rock and roll, but we still like it.

2. Katy Perry”s Spinning Peppermint Bra: 
Behold the power of the boulder holder. The pop princess”s insurance company has asked that she retire the brassiere for fear her hair will get caught in its, uh, blades. Madonna’s cone bra laughs maniacally.

3. “American Idol”: Both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez turn in their walking papers this week. Will the singing talent show take this as a chance to revive itself or is this the start of the end?

4. Frank Ocean: He drops “Channel Orange” a week early digitally and instantly becomes a contender for “best of 2012” lists. Who needs Target, anyway?

5. Fleetwood Mac: Stevie Nicks becomes the latest member to confirm that the group will tour again soon. Of course, Lindsey Buckingham promised there was a tour coming in 2012. #stillwaiting

6. Vevo: Sony head Doug Morris, who has a leading role in launching Vevo while at Universal Music Group, fires a shot across the bow at Google in the Los Angeles Times, threatening to possibly pair Vevo with other companies after the Vevo/Google deal expires unless Google”s You Tube lowers its fees.

7. Nicki Minaj: “Roman Reloaded” may not have spawned a No. 1 tune yet, but it has set an interesting record of a different sort:  Minaj”s single “Starships” sets the record this week for the most weeks spent in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 for a song that started its chart run in the Top 10 (is that confusing enough)? The tune bowed at No. 9 and has stayed in the Top 10 for 21 consecutive weeks. 

8. Run-DMC: Surviving members of the groundbreaking rap group will reunite for the first time since Jam Master Jay”s death in 2002 at Austin”s Fun Fun Fun Fest in November. Make plans to walk that way now.

9. Beats Electronics: Headphone company started by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (and which has undoubtedly made them richer than music ever has) buys digital music service MOG.  Still no word on when Dre will ever release “Detox.” Maybe after he”s bought Spotify, Rdio and Slacker.

10. Dennis Flemion: Member of  cult band The Frogs drowns after going for a swim.  Though they never had a hit record or made a dent in the mainstream, they greatly influenced a number of acts who did, including the Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam.