The ‘Mute’ Trailer Is Here To Introduce Us To Duncan Jones’ Latest Movie (And Paul Rudd’s Mustache)

We didn’t know much about Mute save for rumors that it had some kind of connection to director Duncan Jones’ 2009 film, Moon, and that the sci-fi film was set to star Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd, and Justin Theroux and debut on Netflix. And after seeing the freshly released trailer (today’s second trailer release for Rudd following Ant-Man And The Wasp), that sort of remains the case. That might be by design if you go by Jones’ words on twitter.


To be sure, viewers of the trailer know more than nothing, but Jones has clearly shown restraint in terms of any big reveals. And that’s cool. Nothing wrong with being a little old-fashioned now and then. Nothing wrong with a little mystery, though Alexander Skarsgård’s really strong and really silent character might disagree based on the dancing images on the screen.

Here’s what we can for sure tell from the Mute trailer: Skarsgård’s character tends bar at a club in a neon-nightmare of a dystopian near-future (is there any other kind?) and has to search for his missing girlfriend. Secrets, lies, surgery, Russian accents, robots, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Paul Rudd’s bangin’ stache, bowling, and prohibitions against soda also play into this intense adventure in some way.

We also know that this is yet another high profile release for Netflix following the well-regarded (and Oscar-nominated) Mudbound and the Will Smith-starring Bright, which did not get any Oscar nominations. How all of Mute‘s intriguing elements come together and whether the film moves the chain in the right direction for Netflix’s original film efforts remains to be seen. And see it we shall on February 23. Or not. You’re really under no obligation.