Mysterious new trailer for ‘The Stranger’ from producer JJ Abrams appears online

Okay, I give up. What is “The Stranger”?

First, I’m not even sure it’s right to be using that as a title. It is the name of the mysterious YouTube clip that went live today, but it’s not necessarily the title of whatever is being advertised. If this is indeed an advertisement.

I congratulate Bad Robot on pulling this one off completely. No matter what gets uncovered about this project and when, they managed to pull off the reveal without any leaks at all, something that is not easy to do. This short piece, just over a minute long, is very odd. Images of a man washing up on a beach, his hands bound by rope. A low, gravely voice speaks in voice-over as we see the person struggle to their feet.

And then at the very end, the money shot, which is the unsettling image at the top of this story.

“Men are erased… and reborn.”

Could this be the mysterious project that Bradley Parker (director of “The Chernobyl Diaries”) set up with Bad Robot last year? Or is it something that we know even less about?

Here’s the video that was released via Bad Robot’s YouTube channel this morning:

The entire Tweet they sent out with the link was simply:

@badrobot “Soon he will know” – Anonymous

Sounds like they’re off and running with another mystery, and we’ll certainly try to keep you updated about what this is and how it eventually connects to whatever film or TV project they’re developing.