MST3K creator stages a Kickstarter comeback

In the not-too-distant future, “Mystery Science Theater 3000” may actually come back. 

Yes, the cult show that made fun of bad movies is hoping to stage a triumphant return through crowdfunding. Creator Joel Hodgson launched the Kickstarter campaign yesterday, and it's already raised almost $1 million as of this writing. That's half of the goal amount, which Hodgson says can fund three episodes. If $3.3 million is raised, that'll give us six episodes. $4.4 million means nine episodes, and $5.5 million means a full season of 12 episodes. (Hodgson said in a Reddit AMA that he's not yet sure where those episodes will actually be available.)

A few caveats: yes, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot will return (and you can get your very own Servo or Crow that was used in the episode if you pledge enough money), but they won't have the same voices you remember. And you won't see hapless humans Joel or Mike on the Satellite of Love, either — Hodgson said on Reddit that there will be a new host and while he's invited everyone from the original cast to return “participate creatively,” it's not clear which of them, if any, are on board. Michael J. Nelson has already said that he is not involved.

So if you're looking for an MST3k cast reunion … this won't be it. But if you've spent the last 16 years since the show went off the air eagerly awaiting its return, it's great news all the same.