Mystery solved: Director Pete Docter answers an ‘Inside Out’ burning question

With “Inside Out” Pixar delivered us an inventive, dazzling look at how the brain works – the brain in Pixarland at least.

The creators of “Inside Out” consulted a couple psychologists as they crafted the world inside 11-year-old Riley”s head. The filmmakers” personification of emotions captures the reality of human psychology – but with their own artistic interpretation of course, giving us Islands of Personality and a literal train of thought and lighting up Joy with the voice of Amy Poehler.

“Inside Out” left us fascinated by how this Pixar brain functions. And new short film “Riley”s First Date?” let us explore that brain some more. (What goes on in our heads when we”re going in for the kiss?? The short has a fun answer for that.)

But both films left us with a burning question: Why are the emotion characters in Riley”s head a mixture of males and females, while in her dad”s head they”re all mustachioed gents and in Mom”s head they”re all lady emotions?

Here”s the answer “Inside Out” director Pete Docter supplied us:  

“I would love to have some deep philosophical answer for you, but the answer is really comedy.” Comedy and clarity. For Docter”s full explanation, watch the video above.

“Inside Out” got its digital release earlier this week and will be available on DVD on November 3. Also included in both releases is the new short film “Riley”s First Date?” Check out HitFix”s video interview with the director and producer of the short here.