‘MythBusters’ stars recount the LAX shooting

“MythBusters” stars recount the LAX shooting
Tory Belleci, who was inside Terminal 3 with Grant Imahara this morning, says: “We were sitting at Gate 33, right around corner of gate 36. All of a sudden we heard gunshot. We were trapped at Gate 33. The doors were locked. Everybody was freaking out. People were running, hiding, jumping over other people. It was complete panic.”

Marvel”s Agents of SHIELD is doing a crossover with the new “Thor” film
“Thor: The Dark World” hits theaters Nov. 8, and the ABC series will pick up where the film left off on Nov. 19. PLUS: More tips on fixing “S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Is Kerry Washington a “sellout” for hosting “SNL”?
The “Scandal” star was invited to host “Saturday Night Live” in the spring, before there was a diversity controversy. But Greg Braxton wonders if Washington should’ve declined the invite: “While it’s understandable that Washington is seeking to heighten her profile and take advantage of her hot streak, could she have made a more significant statement about the show’s lack of progress in hiring minorities by declining the invitation? She certainly has been outspoken in the past.”

Nick Offerman on “Parks and Rec” scheduling: “I dare say we are the throbbing, turgid boner of NBC”
Offerman defended the Peacock’s decision to shift “Parks and Recreation” around, comparing it to genitalia: “Like any organism, sometimes you’re proud of your genitals, and you want to use them to give pleasure to others. And other times you have to focus on the other parts of your body…”

What about “The Client List” cliffhanger?
Fans of the Lifetime Jennifer Love Hewitt series won’t get answers after today’s cancelation.

Steven Tyler signs on for another judging job — Miss Universe
He’ll be joined by Carol Alt for the Moscow pageant.

“Scandal’s” depiction of the White House Correspondents Dinner wasn’t entirely accurate
The annual event takes place at the Hilton, not the Kennedy Center!

Bob Newhart remembers Marcia Wallace

Newhart recalls working with Wallace when she played his receptionist on “The Bob Newhart Show.” PLUS: Did you know Edna Krabappel and Ned Flanders were married on “The Simpsons”?

“Dancing” guest judge Cher: I know nothing about ballroom dancing
Cher says of her guest-judging stint on Monday: “I am so not qualified to be judging on a technical basis, because I don’t know anything about ballroom dancing. I don’t want anyone to not have all the breaks they would have from someone with expertise. That’s a little frightening!”

FCC may eliminate sports blackouts

The FCC’s acting chairwoman is questioning whether sports blackouts are still in the public interest.

“Doctor Who” writer: I’m prepared for a backlash over the 50th anniversary special
“Oh, I’m totally prepared for howls of protest,” says Mark Gatiss, who penned “An Adventure in Space and Time.”

Watch Ken Jeong host “SportsCenter”
Here he is interviewing the Pacers’ Roy Hibbert.

“Seinfeld” reunion: George Costanza’s mom hijacks Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ press event
Estelle Harris, now 85, said at an “Enough Said” screening: “I couldn’t think of a “f*cking” question.”

“The Talk” will host a “Love Boat” reunion next week
Gavin MacLeod will be joined by Ted Lange, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes and Jill Whelan, plus singer Jack Jones on Tuesday.

“Extreme Makeover’s” lead project manager arrested for shoplifting at Target
Theron Canevari, 49, allegedly stole some Bose headphones and a folding knife.

Teen bride Courtney Stodden separates from her 53-year-old “Lost” hubby
Stodden and Dough Hutchison have been married for two years.

“The Goldbergs” theme song band samples audio from 25-year-old Nintendo consoles
Producers reached out to Chicago band I Fight Dragons for its 14-second opening.

“2 Broke Girls” gets its own cupcakes
The 2 Broke Not So Vanilla cupcakes will be available through Nov. 15 at Sprinkles stores.

Jerry Ferrera: “Entourage” movie will be “a throwback to the earlier seasons”
“We’re kind of taking it back,” he says.

A Ryan Seacrest inflatable sex doll is now for sale

No word on if Seacrest will try to halt sales of the sex product.

A documentary on “The Odd Couple’s” Art Carney is in the works

Carney’s grandson is trying to get his project finished after working on it for eight years.

Stephen Colbert makes fun of Matt Lauer’s “Baywatch” costume

“Where in the world is Matt Lauer’s dignity?”

Camilla Luddington talks about her “Grey’s Anatomy” chemistry with Justin Chambers
“They’re learning,” she says of their characters, “but there are times when I read a script I just wanna scream at them both, ‘Talk! Please! Just talk to each other!'”

“Masters of Sex” boss: Showtime wants us to run for more than 4 seasons
” we just went on the big milestones,” says showrunner Michelle Ashford, “we would basically have a four-season show. I think that in success, for business reasons, they want something longer than that, and so now we’ve had to think about how we would divide up the story if we make it longer than four seasons.”

British spy drama “Spooks” is becoming a movie

The long-running series that briefly aired in the U.S. as “MI-5” is coming to the big screen.

“Chuck” is now streaming on Netflix
All five seasons are now available.

“Sherlock” meets “Friends”

What if the BBC comedy was reimagined as the NBC hit sitcom?

New “Saved by the Bell” Complete Collection DVD omits the “Miss Bliss” years

The 13-epiosde series that preceded the NBC comedy is missing from the new box set.

Norway public TV is airing 12 hours of knitting all night

Says a producer: “We’ll watch the arm of a sweater get longer and longer; it will be fascinating … but pretty strange TV.”

Why are TV’s new witches so different?

From “American Horror Story” to “Witches of East End,” these new witches don’t serve Satan and don’t have husbands.

Oprah’s epic yard sale is this weekend
“I’ve been accumulating things since 1985,” says Oprah. “It’s just too much stuff.”

Bryan Cranston narrates “Big History” on H2

The new History channel spinoff show, premiering Saturday, delves into the mundane aspects of the world, like salt and horses. PLUS: Henry Rollins hosts H2’s “10 Things You Don’t Know About.”

Showtime’s “Time of Death” takes viewers into the final weeks of 8 people
It’s hard to watch, says Hank Stuever, but it “bears the dignified, documentary-style traits that reality TV had in its earliest days: It is desperately interested in observing people up-close, as they are, and will not turn away when things get too real.”