Naomi Watts is a terrible mother in ‘Shut In’

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In the Shut In trailer, Naomi Watts must take care of her brain damaged teenage son – played by Stranger Things' own Charlie Heaton! –  after an accident. She's not happy about it, complaining he's not her son anymore, just a body. A body that plays Jonathan on a extremely successful zeitgeist show on Netflix! Luckily, Naomi Watt is a children's clinical psychologist so when an orphaned boy comes to visit, she decides to take him so she can feel like she has a real son again. Unfortunately, that child runs away during a storm and dies of “the cold temperature.” 

She had one job. Her friend Oliver Platt tells her not to be a hard on herself. It's true that you have to let things go, but overall, I'm not sure I like her attitude. And then it turns it into a horror movie in which she's haunted by that kid that ran away into the snow. Does the brain dead Charlie Heaton figure into this? You gotta figure he does, right? Otherwise, it's kind of a thankless role. I don't want you to think I'm looking down on near comatose people, it's just that I think an actor wants to do more than drool and plop their face into oatmeal. On the other hand, it's a cake walk of a gig. “Just let people push you around, Charlie Heaton! We'll see you at the Oscars!”

The movie doesn't look scary enough for me. And perhaps, dare I say, predictable? But. BUT. I haven't seen the feature. So if you see it and like it, please let me know.