NBC asking viewers to come up with better sitcom ideas

04.08.14 5 years ago

NBC asking viewers to come up with better sitcom ideas
The “NBC Comedy Playground” initiative will use crowdsourcing to find fresh sitcom ideas, with a panel of stars like Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling and Jason Bateman forming a panel to judge the entries.

“SNL”s” Fox News flub becomes true
On last week”s “Saturday Night Live” sketch spoofing “Fox & Friends,” Bobby Moynihan as Brian Kilmeade referred to the NCAA as the NAACP.  This morning on “Fox & Friends First,” host Heather Childers referred to the UConn Huskies as “NAACP national champs.”

Naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus covers Rolling Stone – with the constitution tattooed on her back
“In my defense, 'I was in a drunken stupor,” the “Veep” star says of the racy cover.

Mindy Kaling on “Shameless” entering Emmy”s Best Comedy race: A comedy should contain jokes
Kaling, “Parks and Rec”s” Adam Scott, Jenna Elfman, “About a Boy”s David Walton and Andy Samberg talked comedy today at NBC Universal”s press day.

Jimmy Fallon is finally going on vacation after 8 straight weeks of “The Tonight Show”
Next week, NBC will re-air Fallon”s entire “Tonight Show” premiere week.

Seth Rogen jumps in the air for his “SNL” promos
Watch his promos with Aidy Bryant.

Marvel”s movie approach may have been inspired by TV
The slew of Marvel movies seems to be using the serialized approach that television is thriving on these days. But oddly enough, Marvel isn”t doing so well with its TV show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

The secret to Letterman”s comedy? His boredom!
That”s the theory posed by Joshua Rothman: “Dog people, who seek out affability and enthusiasm in their late-night hosts, gravitate toward Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, hosts who tumble down the driveway, eager to please. Cat people, by contrast, like Letterman, because he”s prickly, indifferent, and mysterious. Staring down at his blue index cards, chuckling ominously to himself, Letterman doesn”t seem to care about being funny. Instead, he seems frustrated, distracted, and maybe even a little bored. Nonfans find this off-putting. But Letterman”s boredom-his reticence or, on a good day, his guarded enthusiasm-is the secret to his comedy. In fact, it”s been his main theme for more than thirty years.” PLUS: Every Letterman junkie knew Dave would retire on a whim, Questlove says Letterman made New York cool, and listen to Dave”s 1969 college radio show.

“House of Cards” creator has no idea how many people watch his show
“I don”t know how many people have watched ‘House of Cards,” says Beau Willimon, “I don”t know the demographics, I don”t know when they watch it, I don”t know how many episodes on average they watch in a row,” he said in an interview. “I don”t have access to any of that any more than you do, and I”m grateful for that too, because I don”t have to respond to it.” PLUS: What about a “Veep” crossover? “If we could get Kevin and Julia on the screen at the same time, that would be electric,” says Willimon.

“Family Ties” alum Michael Gross is headed to “Suits”
He”ll play the founder of a DVD distribution company.

“New Girl” books alums from “The Office” and “Reno 911!”
Oscar Nunez and Kerri Kenney will appear in the season finale.

Ex-“Seinfeld” writer Carol Leifer recalls pitching ideas to Larry David
“Pitching your ideas at ‘Seinfeld' was tough,” she says in her new memoir. “Especially getting Larry David to bite. Larry had this physical tic when he was bored: he”d stretch his shoulder down from his neck and then move his arm around in a circle, looking like he was in pain. I”d pitch, Larry would listen while doing a lap with his shoulder, then at the end he”d often just shake his head and declare: 'No, I don”t love that one.””

Check out Kevin Hart and his ABC sitcom pilot family
Comedy Central roaster Jeffrey Ross and “Weeds” alum Romany Malco are among the cast for Hart”s comedy pilot loosely based on his life.

Read Andy Cohen”s “Peanuts” forward
The Bravo star wrote the intro the new book “Peanuts Guide to Life,” a collection of the best Charlie Brown comic strips.

CNBC orders “Restaurant Kickstart” and “Filthy Rich Guide”
“Restaurant Kickstart” will challenge contestants to launch a pop-up restaurant with $7500.

Disney Junior animates a double amputee character
“Doc McStuffins” will reveal the character of Wildlife Will, who has no legs.

“Orphan Black”s” Season 2 changes include shooting outside more
Shooting in warm weather allowed the BBC America drama to get away from its urban feel.

Watch Amy Poehler talk “Broad City” in Cannes
“I think there's a universality about young people's ability to tell when something isn't authentic,” Poehler said at a panel for the MIPTV conference.

Food Network and HGTV are doing a TV crossover, via their magazines
The May issue will feature coordinated covers and content.

What it”s like to teach a “Mad Men” college course
Whitman College prof Anne Helen Petersen”s course “Mad Men: Media, Gender, Historiography” requires each student to watch two to five episodes before each class. PLUS: Everything you”ve ever wanted to know about “Mad Men” hair.

“Trophy Wife” tonight spoofs “Scandal”
Watch Marcia Gay Harden channel Olivia Pope on tonight”s episode.

“The View” shouldn”t become Barbara Walters” biggest legacy
Don”t forget that Walters was a trailblazer in TV news.

Oxygen is now exclusively targeting women, 18-34
Oxygen found that this millennial audience demands programming that”s diverse. “These people want to see themselves reflected on screen,” says the head of Bravo and Oxygen, and “the opportunity for Oxygen is huge.”

Bravo cancels “Princesses: Long Island”
The controversial reality show caused quite a stir in the real Long Island.

How to survive a “Colbert Report” interview
Lesson No. 1: Don”t try to be funny.

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