NBC to air ‘Peter Pan Live!’ but no room for Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus

Given the spectacular ratings for “The Sound of Music Live!” despite the critical drubbing Carrie Underwood’s performance received, it’s no surprise that one of the first things NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt mentioned during the network’s executive panel (well, right after referencing the “19 million viewers and 3 million on DVRs” the adaptation of the Broadway musical lured in) was the follow-up.

Next December 4th we will broadcast ‘Peter Pan Live!,’ Greenblatt said. “The Sound of Music Live!” Executive Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Maron will be on board. “Get ready for flying children and some state of the art technology for Tinkerbell.”

The big question — the one about casting — is still up in the air. Sort of. When asked if stars like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber were in contention, Greenblatt joked, “Miley Cyrus! I’ll be coy about that, too. We literally just started talking about it. We have to go to those actors before we talk about it in the press.”  

But doesn’t Greenblatt have someone on his wish list, at least? “I do, but I don’t want it to get out there before that person is approached. But none of the people you mentioned [are on it].” While it’s still early days, that sounds like Cyrus, Bieber and Swift won’t make the cut. 

Would you have watched “Peter Pan Live!” with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift?