‘NCIS: New Orleans’ is staging a ‘Quantum Leap’ reunion

“NCIS: New Orleans” is staging a “Quantum Leap” reunion
Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell will be reunited when Stockwell plays a retired cop who”s confronted about a murder from 40 years ago.

Neil Patrick Harris: I don”t want to host an Oscars that is “super derivative of other shows that I”ve done”
“I don”t want it to seem like I”m doing the same award hosting gig that I did on the Tonys, just now on a different stage,” he says. “And I think they don”t want that, either … It”s the biggest sandbox in the world. If you say, 'I think that I should do a thing with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.' Because it”s the Oscars, do they say yes? Because they would say no for the Tonys … I want to also just make sure that it”s a classy event.” PLUS: Why Harris is an “edgy” choice for Oscar host.

“How to Get Away with Murder”: TV”s most progressive show?
The ShondaLand series is “revolutionary,” says Richard Lawson. “But it is not content to just do one thing boldly, to defy one creaky, ugly cultural norm. Brazenly, it keeps going,” he says, pointing to the two minority leads to having a gay character who is both good and bad and who likes to have sex.

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“Scandal”s” Darby Stanchfield describes the show”s “crazy-grueling” shooting schedule
“It takes approximately 10 months to shoot a full season of Scandal,” she explains. “That's 22 episodes. It takes nine to 10 days to shoot each episode. The first and the last days of each episode are doubled up with another episode, so we have two full camera crews working on the first and the last day of each episode. Each day is on average 12 to 15 hours long. We have Saturdays and Sundays off, but most often we don't wrap on Friday night until the wee hours of the morning, and the Monday morning crew call is often very early, so the weekends are pretty short. For the actors, over the weekends, we are often memorizing more lines and often doing press, so the weekends can fill up with work pretty fast.” PLUS: Behind the scenes with “Oliver Hope.”

Mom campaigns to stop Toys R” Us from stocking “Breaking Bad” action figures
Susan Schrivjer thinks “Breaking Bad” is a great show, but it”s not appropriate for a toy store. PLUS: Aaron Paul reunites with the RV, and Bob Odenkirk answers some “Better Call Saul” questions on Reddit.

Why HBO”s standalone streaming service may make cable companies stronger
As Todd VanDerWerff points out, “what's easy to miss here is that … cable companies have merrily gobbled up the vast majority of means by which Americans might access this new standalone HBO.”

“Bob”s Burgers” cast reacts to “Bob”s Boners” porn parody
“I”m not a big girl-on-guy porn guy,” says H. Jon Benjamin. “I”m like girl-on-horse. A girl on a horse. Not porn, I would watch. I would watch a girl riding a horse.”

A reminder: Some movie-to-TV remakes have failed in recent  years
Making a TV show based on a hit movie isn”t a guarantee for success, as proven by CBS” “Bad Teacher” and “Beverly Hills Cop” and NBC”s “The Firm.”

“Black-ish” gets its black music right
“The music of 'Black-ish' is basically an acknowledgement that it sees us,” says Clover Hope, who is black. “It's not always that deep, but it's welcome.”

Watch a mashup of “SVU”s” strange explanations
“Special Explanations Unit.”

Mindy Kaling says she”s too busy on 3 jobs to comment on her “otherness”
Kaling is a TV pioneer with her three jobs – writer, showrunner and actor. But, as Kaling points out, if she”s too busy being a pioneer to reflect on being a pioneer.

Studio alarm interrupts “Olbermann”
Watch Keith Olbermann lose his train of thought over an alarm.

Former “Walking Dead” star Laurie Holden went undercover to save underage sex slaves
Holden recently particpated in undercover sting operations by the human rights organization Operation Underground Railroad.

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle signs a deal with FX
The “Slumdog Millionaire” will produce projects for FX, and its various networks as part of a two-year deal.

Jimmy Fallon releases an “Ew” supercut video
Fans created their own version of the hit “Tonight Show” music video.

13 ’90s sitcoms that Netflix should pick up
From “Anything But Love” to “Martin” to “Herman”s Head” and “Boston Common.”

Ryan Murphy talks “American Horror Story”s” Twisty
Is he surprised by the reaction to that scary clown?