No One Bothered To Tell This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star About Jon Snow’s Real Parents


Game of Thrones is so secretive, even the cast doesn’t always know what’s going on. Sean Bean only lasted one season as too-righteous-for-his-own-good Winterfell leader Ned Stark, but a younger version of the character appeared in later episodes and played a key role in one of the show’s biggest reveals. The season seven finale finally confirmed what fans suspected all along: that Jon Snow is neither a Stark nor a bastard; he’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, who were married at the time of his birth. It’s a secret that was kept safe by Lyanna’s brother, Ned (who raised Jon Snow, er, Aegon Targaryen as his own) until his death. And by the Thrones showrunners to Bean.

When asked whether he received a “courtesy call” about the lineage reveal, Bean told Entertainment Weekly, “No. Like with everything with Game of Thrones, it was kept very dark and secret. I think that’s the kind of magic and the glory of Game of Thrones — that’s why it’s so stunning and breathtaking when these secrets are revealed.” Much like Jon, Sean Bean knows nothing.

Later in the same interview, the frequently-dead actor discussed the original (and terrible) pilot. “I think there were some very good moments,” he said. “It was experimental… I think they were trying to portray what could be achieved: the kind of wonder and awe, the vast scale and complexity, all these war-faring tribes, the magic, the beauty, and the treachery. I think trying to get that into a pilot may have been difficult, and perhaps the story was lost a little.”

Remember when South Park trolled viewers by airing “Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus” instead of answering who Cartman’s dad is? HBO should do something similar and air the “piece of sh*t” pilot in lieu of the series finale.

Heads will roll, which is fitting for Thrones.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)