Negan’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Introduction Made Cast Members Sick, But Not For The Reason You’d Suspect


The Walking Dead has kept Negan locked up and neutered this season, but he made quite the violent introduction during the season six finale “Last Day on Earth” (and especially the season seven premiere, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”), when he bashed Glenn and Abraham’s heads in with his baseball bat, Lucille. It was hard to watch, especially for Steven Yeun when his eye popped out, and filming the death scenes made the cast physically ill.

Not for the reason you might be thinking, though.

“It was the most challenging [scene to film] but also the most rewarding for, I think, all of us. It was very cold, it was very emotionally exhausting. A lot of us got physically sick,” Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita, revealed at San Jose Fan Fest. “I got a cold, my immune system was just shot from just expelling everything that I had. But I think it ended up like one of the best deaths.”

Negan’s debut was a turning point for the season — it was all All-Out War for the next two seasons, and it’s when a lot of Walking Dead viewers jumped ship for good — and it sounded like a nightmare to film. The cast had sore knees from kneeling, and Steven Ogg (Simon) said they shot for 10 days in the “freezing cold.” No wonder Negan wears a leather jacket. That’s comfy villainy!

(Via Comic Book)