Why ‘Firefly’ alum Alan Tudyk literally worked up a sweat worrying of offending fans

Meta upon meta upon meta.

That”s one of the best ways to describe “Con Man,” the delightfully self-referential new web series created by “Firefly” alum Alan Tudyk. The series, available to view on Vimeo, is about an actor named Wray Nerely, who, much like Tudyk, played a spaceship pilot in a short-lived sci-fi TV show that got canceled 10 years ago but has a cult following that just grows and grows.

Tudyk plays Nerely, who has a much more begrudging attitude toward his life on the fan convention circuit than his real-life counterpart does.

Nerely resents the fact that his canceled show (called “Spectrum” in the world of “Con Man,” where, amusingly, “Firefly” also exists) is the best thing he”s ever done. Tudyk”s resume has no shortage of greatness – from the hilarious British comedy “Death at a Funeral” to ABC sitcom “Suburgatory” to voices in “Frozen” and “Wreck-It-Ralph.” But perhaps the real-life actor can relate to his fictional character”s attitude toward the particular brand of fame that comes with starring in a beloved canceled sci-fi show – Tudyk told HitFix that he loves being introduced as the creator of “Con Man” at conventions now after so many years of being “Wash from ‘Firefly.””

Tudyk writes and directs all of the episodes, and he co-produces the show with fellow “Firefly” alum Nathan Fillion and novelist PJ Haarsma.

Fillion appears throughout “Con Man,” and there are oodles of nerdy celebrity cameos in the show. Felicia Day plays a fan-turned-enthusiastic assistant, “Battlestar Galactica” actress Tricia Helfer plays a love interest for Wray, prolific game industry voice actor Nolan North plays a self-proclaimed “mocap king,” Seth Green appears as a comic book store owner, and Sean Maher and Sean Astin are among the actors who play themselves.

The project got off the ground with a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Three more 10-minute episodes will debut on Vimeo tomorrow. As for a second season, “the arc is there,” Tudyk said, and he hopes to find a production company to fund 10 new half-hour episodes.