Never forget ‘The Blair Witch Project’s’ funniest scene

The original Blair Witch Project is of course best remembered as one of the most iconic (some would say greatest) horror films of the '90s, but in the early going, the film takes a few surprisingly successful stabs at humor. The greatest moment of all? Heather Donahue's “impromptu” chat with that fearful child and his witty, effortlessly-charming mother.

First, the toddler's aggressively mortified reactions? Classic. Second, how does this woman have no other IMDB credits? For the record, her name is Jackie Hallex and I assume she was/is a resident of Burkittsville, the real Maryland town where the interview portions were shot. I guess she never believed in her stardom the way that I do, though I like to imagine she's trading perfectly-timed quips in a Burkittsville greasy spoon at this very moment. Reality Check: that child is at least 17 years old now. Time is fleeting!