‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season key art has a TON of spoilers (if you read the comics)


Last year “The Walking Dead” mid-season finale left the residents of Alexandria hanging by a thread. The protective wall came tumbling down and a horde of undead rushed in like the world”s most terrifying high tide. Though casualties were low, it seems unlikely everyone will survive the mid-season premiere in February.

And those that do may wish they hadn”t, if this new key art released by AMC is any indication.

Image Credit: AMC

For only a handful of static images, there”s a lot going on here. Let”s break it down.


We already know The Saviors are on their way, having briefly met them with Daryl last year. Then there”s the news Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the cast as Negan. With that information in mind, let”s revisit these photos.


Image Credit: AMC

Choosing “A Larger World” for the tagline is two-fold. On the one hand, it”s literal. The world of The Group is expanding. On the other hand, it”s a nod to the title of Volume 16 of “The Walking Dead” comic. It”s within this arc that Hilltop Colony, the Sanctuary, and the Saviors are introduced. So what are we looking at in this collage? A haunted Rick (standard operating procedure), what looks like Michonne”s hand grabbing a zombie, a fire in the distance, and someone about to punch someone out with the power of Christ. That fist may belong to Maggie as it appears to be wearing her coat. That fire? Could be Alexandria, could be Hilltop Colony. Place your bets now.

Image Credit: AMC

The second half of this photo is where things get interesting. Morgan on a horse – with a saddle no less! – is indicative of of Alexandria”s newfound alliance with Hilltop Colony. As is the RV on the road again in the lower right corner, though if The Group is with Hilltop recruiter Paul or on their own is up for debate. The satellite dish is a conundrum. In the comics, the Saviors ‘Sanctuary” is inside an abandoned factory surrounded by a wall of dead walkers. It”s not much of a leap to think the show would use a facility with this kind of technology instead. As to the handcuffed walker? First of all, those cuffs aren”t tight enough to keep her contained! But seriously, using walkers as bait is a very Wolves-like thing to do.

As for the couple holding hand? Is that Carl or Jessie in blue plaid? It”d be easier to tell if everyone on the show didn”t wear flannel.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on February 14, 2016. Happy Valentine”s Day!

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