New teaser poster for Pegg and Frost in ‘World’s End’ finally reveals… something?

Okay, there’s Simon Pegg. And next to him, that’s Nick Frost. Good. Great. That’s exactly what I want. And there’s Edgar Wright’s name, and a meteor in the sky, and… people… lots of people… with glowing blue eyes.

I now know about 100% more about “The World’s End” than I did five minutes ago, and Tuesday, when the trailer for the film arrives online, I suspect we’re in for a glut of new information and a much better sense of what we’re getting from the film.

Evidently, Edgar screened the trailer the other night for people at the CapeTown Film Festival in Los Angeles, and swore everyone there to secrecy. It’s been pretty successful, all things considered, too, because I haven’t seen anyone overtly giving anything away. I’m very excited that we’re this close to the release. It’s a long ride that these three guys have been on from the first time I saw their work to now, and they’ve all had such great success in that time that it feels like a real treat to see them come back together on their terms to make this film, which feels like a big deal, and round out something that started as such a off-the-radar personal little independent thing.

Up till now, all I’ve known for sure about the movie has been that it focused on a group of old friends who get together for a pub crawl one night, and they’ve all of them started to move on in life except for one guy, played by Pegg, who is sort of trying to relive past glories. That may not even be totally accurate. That’s just my general impression from the quotes and photos and bits and pieces I’ve heard. I knew that it starred Frost and Pegg as well as Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine, and Martin Freeman, and that’s a really exciting comedy ensemble.

I love that Considine has these two totally different personalities. There’s the serious movie guy who is an amazing dramatic actor, and there’s the lunatic goofball comedy guy, who will sell a joke like his life depends on it. He had a freak out on Twitter over the weekend when he saw the trailer for the first time, and it’s great to watch the guys who are in the movie getting excited as they see it come together. That’s what is so much fun about Edgar’s work… it’s heavy on the post production, but once it’s all put together and tweaked just right, it’s clockwork. He’s a gorgeous technician, a guy who can cut a joke with a fiendish sense of timing.

As an image designed to start to sell the movie to us, this one’s pretty great, and it was revealed tonight by Edgar on Twitter:

Check back with us on Tuesday and we’ll have the trailer for you as soon as it’s available.

“The World’s End” opens in the US on August 23, 2013.