New trailer for ‘Nymphomaniac: Volume Two’ offers more of the exciting same

[UPDATE: Unfortunately, this video has been removed at the distributor’s request.]

You can’t stop what’s, er, coming. As I made clear in my review last week, the first part of Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac” was one of my highlights of the Sundance Film Festival, delivering all the brazen daring, operatic beauty and discomfiting hilarity any von Trier fan could want. Having not seen the entire beast like some of my colleagues, Volume Two is now top of my Most Anticipated list, and this new international trailer promises more of the same — in the best possible way.

No nudity or split-second vagina shots to be found here — despite word that the second half is more sexually explicit than the first. But there’s still plenty to ponder, including hints of Jamie Bell’s inner S&M master, cars going up in flames, Shia LaBeouf’s still-indecipherable accent and the unimpeachable soundtrack choice of Talking Heads’ pop classic “Burning Down the House.” If any knowledgable folk can tell me if the song features in the film as well, I’d be most appreciative.

“Nymphomaniac: Volume One” opens in the US on March 21, with Volume Two following on April 4. (Other countries, the UK included, get them simultaneously.) The uncut version of Volume One will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on Sunday, February 9.