New ‘Walking Dead’ image hints at The Govenor’s return

and 11.22.13 5 years ago

(CBR) What”s The Governor up to? When last we saw him, he was standing in a ditch, clutching a young child to his chest, staring up at Martinez, a one-time friend turned possible foe. But we also know the Governor will survive his current predicament long enough to stand outside the Prison walls in present times – although his true purposes remain unknown.

A new photo from AMC”s “The Walking Dead” released by MTV News sheds some further light on The Governor”s plans. The photo, seen above, features Brian Heriot sitting on a bench, downtrodden as usual, positioned no more than three or four feet away from a massive tank tread. That image alone should speak a thousand words for readers of the “Walking Dead” comics: In the source material, The Governor reenters Rick Grimes” life in very dramatic fashion, thanks at least in part to a tank.

Is it a sign that the coming episodes of “The Walking Dead” will mirror the “Made to Suffer” arc from the comics? If so, an already bloody season is about to get a whole lot bloodier.

“The Walking Dead”airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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