New York City gets its first Alamo Drafthouse in 2013

04.05.12 7 years ago 7 Comments

New York’s getting an Alamo Drafthouse before Los Angeles?  That’s enough incentive for me to start a bloody East Coast/West Coast feud, because I am filled with envy for anyone who gets to go to what used to be the Metro Theater on the Upper West Side.

Little by little, the expansion is underway, and it’s exciting.  As long as I’ve been a fan of the Alamo Drafthouse, I’ve wanted them in more cities than just Austin.  I am more than happy to go to Austin several times a year to get my Drafthouse fix, but the notion of having one locally, being able to choose that environment for my movie-going… that’s heavenly.

Not only did they announce that there will be a NYC Drafthouse today, but they also put up a page where you can apply to work there.  If you’re in New York and you’re a film nerd looking for work, do this.  I cannot stress this strongly enough.  Work for the Alamo.  They are a great organization, and this is going to be an exciting venue.

The appeal of the Alamo is multi-fold for me.  First, there’s the theatrical experience itself.  The Drafthouse is constantly working to make sure they present things with the best possible sound and picture quality.  There’s also their justifiably famous no-talking policy which make them the greatest theater in the Magnited States Of America.  And then there’s the programming, which consists of smart booking of current movies and great repertory programs.  It truly is the best overall exhibitor working in the United States today, and New Yorkers should be organizing the parade they’re going to throw when it opens next year.

If you want to work for them, check here.

If you just want more news on all things Alamo, check here.

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