Nick Frost and Simon Pegg reunite for new photos from ‘The World’s End’

Focus Features doesn’t have a new film every weekend this summer, so they have time to pay attention to each film fully, and they’ve sent out a new batch of pictures to preview the two films they are releasing.

First up, there’s Edgar Wright’s “The World’s End,” which we couldn’t be more excited about. The reteaming of Wright, Nick Frost, and Simon Pegg is irresistible to us, and with a cast that also includes Paddy Considine and Martin Freeman, it looks like it’s going to be something special. Right now, we know very little about the plot and it seems like that’s by design. Edgar Wright has played mum about almost everything regarding the film, so all we know for sure is that the film deals with a group of old friends who are reunited to participate in a pub crawl on a night where some very strange things happen in London.

Simon Pegg’s look in the film is pretty outrageous, and it’s interesting seeing how everyone else looks clean-cut and settled and happy. I hope that more than anything, this is another examination of the strange ways that friendships among men work. It is a thematic vein that has proven quite rich for Wright in the past.

The second film is “Closed Circuit,” a thriller about a pair of lawyers who also used to sleep together, reunited when they are both hired as part of a team defending an international terrorist. Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall play the lawyers, and it looks like Ciaran Hinds also plays a major role.

Obviously, we can’t begin to guess whether or not the films work just based on these photos, but we’re so starved for information on “The World’s End” that we’ll take whatever we can get. How about you? Either or both of these have you curious?

We’ll learn more about the films as we get closer to release.