Nicki Minaj keeps it classy in ‘Pills N Potions’ video: Watch

The re-birthing of Nicki Minaj as a class act-as opposed to the multi-colored cartoon mess we first met a few years ago – is complete with the video for “Pills N Potions,” released today.

The clip for the ballad serves more as a fashion and style shoot than any kind of linear story for the song as Minaj strikes gorgeous pose after gorgeous pose, sometimes topless, sometimes in designer duds, sometimes wrapped in the arms of The Game, who is silent and shirtless throughout the video.

To nominally tie in with the theme, pills fly through the air and a drug-dispensing Pez. There”s also a bunny who is a tad jittery, and Minaj cries tears of mercury, which also runs from her fingertips and flows from her cigarette. The clip for the Dr. Luke-produced ballad is beautifully shot and the liquid smooth motions serve the song”s uncrushed feel.

I clearly missed the passage of the law that every video, whether it”s Ed Sheeran”s “Sing” or Minaj”s “Pills N Potions” must include a plug for Beats: we see at least two shots of Beats speakers floating through the air. I hope all these artists got a share of the company before it sold to Apple to they”re compensated for the selling out.

“Pills N Potions” is the latest track from Minaj”s forthcoming “The Pink Print,” her third studio album out later this year. And if you're unclear just how much Minaj has changed, we've embedded the clip for “Super Bass” below as well.