Nicki Minaj’s really wants you to stop staring in new video, ‘Lookin’ Ass N*gga’

02.12.14 5 years ago 4 Comments

NIcki Minaj wants you to stop looking at her ass, really. And she will go to drastic measures to ensure you stop.  However, stopping lovingly caressing her own assets doesn”t seem to be within her power so you can”t really blame the poor dudes who are mesmerized by her booty.

This all plays out in the video for her new song, “Lookin’ Ass N*gga,” which is as fierce as it is ridiculous. To call it a song is a stretch since it”s mainly three minutes of Minaj rapping at you to stop looking at her ass as she plays with her hair and her body while having her way with a chair in the desert. And just to make it extra arty, the Nabil-directed video is in black and white.

The best parts are the continuing cutaways to a man”s eyes. That”s the only part of his body we see, and he seems to have been turned to stone by the sheer power of Minaj”s buttocks.

She seems to have not brought so much as a bottle of water with her to the desert, but, wait! Somehow, seemingly out of thin air, Minaj reveals  two assault rifles. Mr. Eyes then switches to Mr. Mouth, as we a close-up of his lips, screaming, “No!,” like Mr. Bill from “Saturday Night Live.”

Minaj clearly was not kidding when she told you to stop looking at her ass. You can”t say you weren”t warned.

“Lookin’ Ass N*gga” will be on Young Money compilation set, “Rise of an Empire,” out March 11.

And, by the way, do we think it’s any coincidence that Minaj decided to drop the video on the same day that Mariah Carey dropped her new clip? The two former “American Idol” judges are frenemies and it looks like the rivalry continues.

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