Nicole Kidman finally speaks in new ‘Grace of Monaco’ trailer

We've been waiting a while for a complete trailer for The Weinstein Company's “Grace of Monaco” — a teaser was unveiled before the film was postponed from its initial November 2013 release slot, but it was all flash and champagne and satin drapery, withholding Nicole Kidman's actual performance as Oscar-winning actress turned European princess Grace Kelly. Now, with director Olivier Dahan's film just over two months away from opening the Cannes Film Festival, we get to see a little more, and… well, it's still flash and champagne and satin drapery, but there's more of a sense of what the stakes are, and the commitment with which Kidman is interpreting a tricky role.

Will it work? The trailer doesn't do much to take the film out of the “let's wait and see” pile, but it's certainly an attractive-looking bauble — after kicking off with “The Great Gatsby” last year, Cannes seems content to open with the sparkliest bonbons they have to hand. Nothing wrong with that, really, though lately they seem to be losing the opening film contest to Venice (who pulled off a real coup with “Gravity” last year) and Berlin (on a prestigious roll with “The Grandmaster” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel”).

“Grace,” of course, wouldn't mind following further in “Gatsby's” footsteps after its Cannes premiere: Baz Luhrmann's film, too, was plagued with bad buzz following its delayed release, but exceeded commercial expectations and took home two Oscars. What do you think? Can Kidman deliver? Does it still seem like a glorified Ferrero Rocher ad? Is that a bad thing? Tell us in the comments.