Now Robert Downey Jr. says there are no plans for ‘Iron Man 4’

10.08.14 4 years ago

Being a superhero is fickle business.

It was just 24 hours ago that Robert Downey Jr. told “Ellen” that he was in “negotiations” with Marvel Studios for “Iron Man 4.”  

However, just a few hours later, the actor appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” where he backtracked, first stating that there is currently no “Iron Man 4” script. After a bit of Letter-style wheedling about whether he'll suit up as Tony Stark in “4,” Downey responded, “Just between us, no – but I”m going to do other stuff with Marvel. I”m still going to be involved with Marvel and there”s going to be plenty of other fun stuff.”

He added that Marvel does indeed “have a plan, and I think they”re going to announce… they”re very secretive about it.” He also calls the studio very “bright — especially when it comes to casting.”

Marvel's always been secretive about their longterm plans, so Downey's teasing statement could mean just about anything. What is Marvel soon “going to announce”? And what “other fun stuff” will Downey be a part of? 

Let the guessing games begin. For now, Downey is only contracted to play Iron Man in two “Avengers” sequels.

Watch the hilarious “Late Night” clip below:

“The Avengers: Age of Ultron” opens May 1, 2015.

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