Ripley’s ‘Alien Stomper’ sneakers are coming back to stores. Here’s how much they’ll cost.

Because they love our money us so much, the folks over at Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have some exciting announcements for fans of the Alien franchise! All of these things will be happening on April 26th, a.k.a. “Alien Day” — a nod to the xenomorph-decimated mining colony LV-426 from James Cameron's Aliens.

1. Ripley's high-top sneakers from Aliens, dubbed the “Alien Stompers” and released in a super-limited run by Reebok in 1987 (and re-released in Japan in 2010), are hitting the market again for the low, low price of…$174.99. The mid-top version worn by Bishop will also be available, but who are we kidding, those are the consolation prize.

2. Alien and Aliens are hitting theaters again on April 26th, with back-to-back showings scheduled in over 20 cities. No word yet on that Alien 3/Resurrection double feature, which I would actually welcome.

3. “A dozen and a half key licensing partners” will be announced.

4. A “special 24 hour, fan-focused social media event” will transpire, including the “ALIEN: Ultimate Trivia Challenge,” which will allow fans the chance to win prizes every “42.6 minutes” on Twitter by answering questions about the series.

5. Sigourney Weaver herself will personally tuck one lucky winner into bed in a re-enactment of the final scene from Aliens. Ok fine, this one's a lie.

Do I love Ellen Ripley? Hell yes! Would I shell out $174.99 in order to quench my Aliens fandom? Please. But if this is how you get your kicks, by all means, have at it.