How Olivia Munn survives the basement: On ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ and more

When it comes to horror films, Olivia Munn isn't scared of everything. Spiders, no way. The devil and exorcism films like her new “Deliver Us from Evil,” sure. But home invasion movies, specifically: “That's the scariest.”

That's why she has 950,000-volt brass knuckles in every room in my house.

The actress and comedian has some other funny ways of coping with life's little fears, like going into the basement. (Watch the full video above for a step-by-step replay of what she does step-by-step downstairs.) Overall, “I like being scared. It's like being on a rollercoaster.”

When she's watching a horror movie in the theater, she slaps her hands. “'No! No!'” she explains. “I'm not yelling at the people [in the movie], I'm yelling at the person who made the movie. Like, stop scaring me.”

Check out the rest of our “Deliver Us From Evil” interview, on her “Bronx light” accent and her role as Jen (wife of Eric Bana's Sarchie) in the flick.

“Deliver Us From Evil” is in theaters on Wednesday (July 2).