‘Olympus Has Fallen 2’ sets sights on “London”

(CBR) That headache you woke up with? It”s the feeling of life stabbing you in the brain with the following news: “Olympus Has Fallen Again” is on its way.

OK, it has a slightly better title than that: “London Has Fallen”. Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman are all attached to return for the “Olympus” sequel, with the action shifting across the pond to bring London down to its knees. (What do all these blockbusters have against London, anyway?) The story centers on a terrorist strike in London during the British Prime Minister”s funeral. Butler”s character, former Secret Service agent Mike Banning, will join forces with a yet-to-be-cast MI6 agent.

Shooting is scheduled to begin on May 5, 2014, with no release date yet set.

[Source: Screen Daily]