Happy 20th Birthday, ‘Toy Story’!

Buzz and Woody and Slink and Hamm have been in our lives for two decades – Pixar”s “Toy Story” opened 20 years ago today, making animation history as it did.

The first feature film from the studio and the first created completely using computer-generated imagery paved the way for movies like “Shrek,” “How to Train Your Dragon” and, of course, several more films from the acclaimed Pixar. Its 16th feature film, “The Good Dinosaur,” opens in theaters this Wednesday. A third sequel to “Toy Story” will come in 2018.

The legacy of “Toy Story” is difficult to overstate: In addition to being a game-changer in the world CG animation, it raised the bar on family films that really appeal to audiences of all ages; Andy”s toys can be seen in Disneyland rides, real-world kids” toy boxes and in countless Halloween costumes each year; and in 2005 the U.S. Library of Congress declared the movie culturally, historically and aesthetically worthy of preserving in its National Film Registry.

Other notable November 22 happenings in pop culture history:

• 1957: Teenaged Simon & Garfunkel appeared on “American Bandstand” as “Tom & Jerry” with their song “Hey Schoolgirl,” a song imitating their idols the Everly Brothers, a sound quite different from the folk rock they would come to be known for.

• 1968: The “Star Trek” episode “Plato”s Stepchildren” aired. It was notable for the kiss between Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura – an inter-racial kiss that was daring for 1960s television.

• 1968: The Beatles double album known as “The White Album” was released.

• 1984: Fred Rogers of PBS” “Mr. Rogers” Neighborhood” presented a sweater to the Smithsonian Institution.

• 1989: “Back to the Future Part II” opened in theaters, leaving us over a quarter-century later still dreaming of owning a real hoverboard.

• 1991: Both “The Addams Family,” starring Angelica Huston and Christina Ricci, and Disney”s “Beauty and the Beast” were released.

• 1995: Martin Scorsese”s “Casino” opened in theaters.

• 2001: Guest star Brad Pitt joined the gang for Thanksgiving dinner on “Friends” episode “The One with the Rumor,” playing Ross” high school friend who hates Rachel.

• 2005: Microsoft”s Xbox 360 went on sale.

Birthdays: “The Avengers” actress Scarlett Johansson (turns 31 today), “The Mortal Instruments” actor Jamie Campbell Bower (27), “Halloween” actress Jamie Lee Curtis (57), Monty Python member and “12 Monkeys” director Terry Gilliam (75), musician and “One Tree Hill” actor Tyler Hilton (32), “Spin City” actor Richard Kind (59), “Under the Dome” actress Mackenzie Lintz (19), “Hannibal” actor Mads Mikkelsen (50), “The Avengers” actor Mark Ruffalo (48), “The Wire” actor Michael Kenneth Williams (49)