Watch: Ryan Tedder turns on his heartlight in OneRepublic video for ‘Feel Again’

08.28.12 7 years ago

OneRepublic may have been making hits before any of us ever heard of Florence + The Machine, but the group”s new single (and video) “Feel Again,” takes a page directly out of Flo”s handbook with the hand claps and  same tribal drum pattern as any number of F+TM songs. You can even imagine Florence Welch singing the song instead of Ryan Tedder…and we”d like to.

The song sounds like a smash. But back to the video, which premiered today. Tedder is able to “feel again,” in part, because he picks up a magical orb, as one does,  that leads him to the lowest-key rave ever, where he” joins his band mates. There are strings of neon lights and acoustic instruments that light up, and when Tedder sings, strings of light come out of his mouth.  It”s Las Vegas crossed with Bonnaroo with just the slightest hit of Ecstasy thrown in: check out the lighted badminton rackets.

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Amid all the lights, Tedder finds his love, the one who has rescued from being a lonely soul, and who turns on his heart light, literally.

Here’s the important part, though I kid about the heart light, it turns out Tedder’s inspiration for the song wasn’t F+TM after all, but was recordings of heartbeats of children from small villages in Malawi and Guatemala. It all ties in with Save the Children and the Ad Council’s Every Beat Matters campaign to provide basic healthcare to children around the world. A portion of the sales of “Feel Again” downloads go to Save The Children.

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