Opening sequence to ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ revealed

10.23.15 3 years ago

As the marketing campaign for director Zack Snyder”s “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” heats up, details begin to emerge.

Warning: a description of the film”s prologue follow, so if you want to go in with absolutely no spoilers, you may want to exit now…

Those who”ve been following the project know that Ben Affleck”s Bruce Wayne has a very personal beef with Henry Cavill”s Superman, as he suffered personal losses during the destruction of Metropolis.

The movie is somewhat meta in that it was — at least in part — inspired by the fans reaction to Superman”s violent actions in “Man of Steel” and there will be a reckoning.

In a recent interview with Total Film (via Coming Soon), both Cavill and Affleck revealed details about the film”s opening prologue which shows the events of “Man of Steel” from Wayne”s perspective.

“What happens there is one of Bruce”s buildings gets destroyed and he”s trying to save all the people inside the building and he can”t,” Cavill said. “So he is this angry person who fears what Superman may do. Why are they just going to trust this super-powered alien? What if he does decide to turn against us?”
“He”s found himself in a place of harboring a tremendous amount of rage for Superman,” Affleck continued. “So it”s how he got there, and what that”s done to him, and what that”s done to people around him like Alfred, who are, I think, very scared and worried for him. It”s something that”s interesting and new.”
We know that Affleck”s Batman is set to continue on in a solo film, which he is reportedly writing DC”s Geoff Johns. There”s also been talk of Affleck directing the film.
“If I could make it work, yeah,” Affleck said when asked if he planned to helm his solo Batman outing. “Obviously that would be like a dream. The trick is, as to any movie, is to make sure that you – if you”re going to direct it – that you can make it good. You”ve got to have the right idea and the right take on it… Broadly speaking, it”s something I”d be open to, for sure. It”s a very exciting idea.”
Meanwhile, “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits screens on March 25, 2016.

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