Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany Would Be Totally Cool With Killing Off a Few Clones

Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany is continually under-appreciated come award season, but that doesn't mean fans of the hit BBC America series take her for granted. But playing several different characters is no easy task and the actor recently told Seth Meyers she'd be ok with some of them getting killed off.

If you don't watch Orphan Black, it's almost impossible to describe just what an outstanding job Maslany does. She is most of the Orphan Black ensemble, playing 11 distinct characters in the show's four seasons. Not to mention the times she's been tasked with playing a character who's pretending to be another character.

On a recent trip to Late Night with Seth Meyers, Maslany revealed she played four of those clones for her daunting audition. “I did Sarah, Sarah as Beth, Cosima, and Alison,” she said. “I was so terrified. It was just such a challenge. And so I tried to make myself feel better by rollerblading to my audition. Like a very cool person would do. And I pulled up to the audition drenched in sweat, like hobbling on rollerblades, and all the execs were standing there having cigarettes.”

Meyer later asked if she ever hoped some of the clones would get killed off and Maslany responded in the affirmative. “They add a new one, and I'm like 'are we killing three others?' But no,” she said. “I'm vicious. Murder them all.”

Don't worry, Clone Club, I know we're constantly on the edge of our seats worried about just this kind of thing happening each and every week. Maslany still loves you.

The Season 4 finale of Orphan Black airs this Thursday on BBC America.