Oscarweb Round-up: HFPA don’t need no stinkin’ stars

So the HFPA tapped Ricky Gervais last week as Golden Globes host despite cries from within that he went too far last year. Hell, even the organization’s brass hit the stage THAT NIGHT to bemoan the comedian’s taunts. Anyone with eyes can see it’s a ratings grab, just like a number of the dubious nominations equate to star-f***ing over the years. They beg to differ on that, but come on: “While the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. takes the firm position that its members are not starstruck and an actor’s place in Hollywood hierarchy doesn’t mean anything when it comes to who’ll appear at the org’s kudocast, the list of recent noms may prove otherwise.” [Variety]

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Greg Ellwood was on hand for a taste-maker gathering on behalf of “Contagion” and screenwriter Scott Z. Burns this weekend. [Awards Campaign]

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