Oscarweb Round-up: Ratner’s remark

It really isn’t any mystery what the big story of the morning is. Well, it was the big story of all day yesterday, actually, but I saved it for this space. Brett Ratner, you’ve probably heard, decided to make a joke and say “rehearsal’s for fags” at a recent “Tower Heist” Q&A. This after the Oscarcast producer has made public remarks about his sexual encounters with Lindsay Lohan and Olivia Munn. Not that anyone expected Ratner to come in and class up the Academy Awards, but it goes without saying, this got people talking. And it was Mark Harris quick on the draw calling for Ratner’s head on a platter…well, calling for an AMPAS pink slip, in any case. [Grantland]

Our own Greg Ellwood had some choice remarks on the matter. [Awards Campaign]

And then Tom Sherak and The Academy embarrassingly backed the producer with a meaningless caveat. [Deadline]

Meanwhile, did the power of the retweet get him to apologize to Munn? [Huffington Post]

Meanwhile, regarding Ratner’s “Tower Heist,” which managed to land in second place at the box office this weekend, Steven Zeitchik wonders if Eddie Murphy’s tank is out of gas. [24 Frames]

Charlotte Gainsbourg on “Melancholia,” Kirsten Dunst and Lars Von Trier. [Movieline]

Apparently “The Muppets” isn’t high brow enough for snooty Savannah Film Festival audiences. [Vulture]

Nathaniel Rogers has a little fun reading through the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” FYC booklet. [Film Experience]

Sasha Stone crunches some numbers, but I can’t think about the Best Picture category in any serious way. Can’t do it. [Awards Daily]

And finally, congrats to indieWIRE on a classy new design. But bring back the old logo! [indieWIRE]