A FASCINATING look at Pixar’s creative process

6/24/15 This video is getting some serious love on Reddit right now. Story Artist Rob Gibbs gives us a fascinating glimpse into Pixar's creative process. 

6/22/15 WE CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED! For those of you unfamiliar with Above & Beyond, their signature track is called Walter White. At A & B shows, one lucky fan gets called on stage to push the button for the song's drop. At EDC Vegas, that lucky fan was HEISENBERG HIMSELF! 

6/17/15 Redditor certainlyNotDeadpool has an interesting theory about 'Batman Begins'.

6/16/15 Today would have been Tupac Shakur's 44th Birthday. To honor one of the greatest rappers of all time, we bring you this throwback pic of 2pac and Suge Knight playing Sonic The Hedgehog. 

6/12/15 Bryce Dallas Howard showed off her impressive ability to cry on cue during her Conan appearance earlier this week. All it took was a mundane conversation about Home Depot to get those water works going.  

6/8/15 You've got to check out this EXTREMELY accurate live action version of a Grand Theft Auto game. This guy has perfected the GTA walk. 

6/1/15 Shia LaBeouf's somewhat psychotic “inspirational” speech is sweeping the Internet and inspiring some hilarious videos. 

One of our favorites finds Shia facing off against HAL 9000. Perfection. 

5/28/15 Apparently Michael Jackson loved 'It Wasn't Me' as much as we do. We stumbled across this Tumblr post from Michael Jackson's 2001 anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden. His reaction to the classic Shaggy track is priceless. 



5/26/15 Kudos to Redditor LukeGreatGuy for posting our favorite thing on the Internet today. Let us know in the comment section if you apply for this :)