Outrage Watch: Not everyone loves ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

03.10.15 3 years ago


Welcome to the March 10, 2015 edition of Outrage Watch, HitFix's (almost) daily rundown of all the things folks are peeved about in entertainment. Today's top story: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” has a race problem.

Though reaction to the Netflix comedy has been almost universally positive, Vulture writer Libby Hill has a major problem with the subplot involving Jane Krakowski's character, revealed to be a Native American who wears color contacts and dyes her hair blonde in order to pass for white.

“This specific backstory is most frustrating because it doesn”t serve a purpose, either narratively or comedically,” Hill writes. “There must be more compelling (and funnier!) ways to give Jacqueline a backstory that don”t require sloppily marginalizing a group of people who are already as marginalized as you can get.” Some folks apparently aren't too happy with the depiction of Ki Hong Lee's character either.


Want more? There's plenty of indignation to go around. See below for a full roundup of today's kerfuffles.

Outraged: Twitter, various entertainment writers
Target: Sony's second “Ghostbusters” reboot
Why: In light of director Paul Feig's previously-announced “Ghostbusters” reboot starring a cast of women spook-fighters, a number of fans and media critics are taking umbrage at Sony's planned “counterpart” film that may star Channing Tatum — the assumption being that the film is a concession to trolls who aren't happy with the other project's female cast.

“Congratulations to everyone involved for being successful enough to justify this, but an all-male Ghostbusters is offensively unnecessary,” writes NME's Anne T. Donahue. “Not only does it undermine the scarily-talented ensemble Paul Feig has brought together, it undermines the idea that women can lead a major franchise.” Needless to say, Twitter had a field day with this news too.







Outraged: Viewers of ABC's “The Bachelor”
Target: “The Bachelorette”
Why: A number of folks who tuned in to last night's “Bachelor” finale were left steaming after it was revealed that the next edition of its woman-centered companion series will feature not one but two Bachelorettes — one of whom will then be eliminated by the male suitors on the show's first episode. “I'm not sure how this is going to work but I'm pretty sure it's disgusting, gross and sexist,” wrote TVLine editor Michael Ausiello. And he wasn't the only one who took offense.






Outraged: Waka Flocka Flame
Target: The University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity
Why: The rapper is “disgusted and disappointed” with the frat after a video of its members making racist chants went viral, causing him to pull out of a scheduled performance for the student group in April. “I must say I”m disgusted and disappointed in the actions of the SAE fraternity at University of Oklahoma and I will be canceling my scheduled performance for them next month,” he wrote on Instagram. “Racism is something I will not tolerate.”

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Waka Flocka Flame

Outraged: Jezebel writer Erin Gloria Ryan
Target: Madonna
Why: A quote from a 2012 piece written by Ryan has since been misattributed to none other than presumed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and Madonna got in on the act this past weekend by perpetuating the myth with a tweet and Instagram post to celebrate International Women's Day (along with a plug for her upcoming album):


“Maybe it's because Madonna has built her entire career on passing off other people's innovations as her own and making sure the original authors of things don't get as much credit for their work as she does,” writes Ryan. “Maybe it's because Madonna's social media campaign to promote her new album has been among one of the most irritating in modern internet history. I don't have the platform to correct her myself and hope to be noticed, so, Madonna, consider this my correction: I am not 'Hilary Clinton.' And please stop using something I wrote to promote your goddamn album.” Madonna's response:


Outraged: “Anchorman” director Adam McKay
Target: Senate Republicans
Why: “Has anyone ever seen anything like that letter from Senate Repubs to Iran?” wrote McKay on Twitter, referencing the Republican lawmakers' open letter to the country's leaders warning them not to make a deal with Obama in nuclear negotiations. “How is that not treason? I'm really asking.” So you're suggesting it's not okay to actively lobby against your president by making a direct plea to a potentially dangerous foreign nation? Is that what you're telling us, Adam?

Adam McKay


Outraged: Twitter, media writers
Target: Fox 5's “The Real”
Why: The hosts of the daily talker dressed up in the most stereotypical “Mexican” outfits ever for a segment on a recent episode, leading many viewers and media watchers to slam the show for perpetuating offensive stereotypes. “One would hope that a panel comprised of women of color would be more sensitive to this sort of ethnic stereotyping and mockery – but unfortunately that wasn”t the case,” writes Blue Telusma over at the Grio. “The real girls are dressed up in stereotypical mexican outfits. cease and desist,” weighed in Twitter user @fujoshie. Tamera Mowry, for one, can't figure out why everyone is so offended.

Tamera Mowry on The Real

[The Grio]

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