Outrage Watch: Tom Hanks’ rapping son is mouthing off again

Welcome to the April 1, 2015 edition of Outrage Watch, HitFix's (almost) daily rundown of all the things folks are peeved about in entertainment. Today's top story: Tom Hanks' rapping son is issuing threats to Howard Stern.

Safe to say Haze isn't delighted with Stern's mocking of him on his SiriusXM radio show. In a Twitter rant captured by Gossip Cop before said rant hit the trash bucket, the offspring of Hanks and wife Rita Wilson wrote in part:

“Let me come up on your show b*tch… Come catch this fade… have me live on the air and we can go pound for pound see who looks like the fool you dried up old c*nt catch this fade… easy to talk sh*t in a closed off room p*ssy, have me up there in the studio with you let”s give the ppl what they want…I promise I won”t physically whoop your ass… I know you got security old man I”ll just intellectual debate with you and show the world you”re really just a dried up hater…

“One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe 10 years from now, I am going to see you in person, and I am going to hurt you… I hope you travel with security!!! PLEASE have me on the show… I”ll sh*t on you and your yuppie side kicks on your own show…” He also called Howard a “Jheri curled c*nt,” cause he's gangster like that.

In a later tweet that remains on Haze's official page, the rapper wrote:


Well, he got one thing right.

Want more? There's plenty of indignation to go around. See below for a full roundup of today's kerfuffles.

Outraged: Louis Tomlinson
Target: Naughty Boy
Why: The superstar music producer drew the ire of Zayn Malik's former One Direction bandmate Tuesday after the latter posted a tweet indicating he was working with Malik on a followup project (Malik's debut solo single has since been deleted from Soundcloud).

“Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you're so inconsiderate pal, seriously how old are you? Grow up! #masterofallwisdom,” Tomlinson said in a since-deleted tweet. He later summed up his comments by stating: “Always have struggled to bite my tongue.”

So punk rock of you, Louis.


Outraged: Some folks on Twitter
Target: Patton Oswalt
Why: Did you see Oswalt's 54-tweet tongue-in-cheek rant on Twitter last night that seemingly came to the defense of embattled new “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah? Some people didn't like it!




I personally enjoy @RussellHFilm's summary of the firestorm:


Outraged: The Church of Scientology
Target: Scientology documentary “Going Clear”
Why: The church has been engaging in a smear campaign against director Alex Gibney's HBO-premiered doc through the use of promoted tweets and Google search ads, though as DigiDay notes, the effort has been rather less than successful. Not only did the documentary score a solid 1.7 million viewers in its Sunday premiere, but the Twitter account set up by the church to bash the film (@FreedomEthics) has racked up less than 700 followers. Which…may be the number of congregants they have after this whole thing is over.


Outraged: Miley Cyrus, Michael Stipe
Target: Indiana governor Mike Pence
Why: Color the pop star and R.E.M. frontman outraged at Pence for signing the state's “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” which the governor has now pledged to change in order to clarify that the law apparently does not allow business owners to discriminate against LGBT individuals when it comes to providing services. Needless to say, neither entertainer is a fan of the Republican leader. Check out their very special respective messages for the governor below.


Outraged: Marvin Gaye's sister Zeola Gaye
Target: The Daily Mail
Why: Learning the hard way what happens when you agree to be interviewed by the Daily Mail, Gaye says she is “heartbroken” and “feels betrayed” by the British tabloid after the rag claimed that she, her older sister Jeanne and Gaye's ex-wife Jan were feuding over the $7.4 million judgment awarded to Gaye's children in the “Blurred Lines” case. Not only that, she also denies the Mail's claim that she is “penniless.”

“I'm … deeply, deeply heartbroken, and I felt totally betrayed by the Daily Mail for taking [the interview] I did with them out of context,” said Zeola in an interview with The Huffington Post. “I'm not living in poverty, I'm not penniless. I live comfortably within my means. And I was not expecting to be in that lawsuit, even though I'm on the record. I never felt that I was part of the lawsuit. … The lawsuit was for the kids, Marvin's heirs. I'm not an heir. I'm a sibling.”

Outraged: CAA
Target: UTA
Why: After a total of eight top CAA agents (the number has since swelled to ten) departed the “Death Star” for smaller rival agency UTA, the latter company pledged to take legal action against the defectors, charging that the agents in question left in violation of binding contracts. It's no wonder CAA is pissed: “Star Wars” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” superstar Chris Pratt has already followed his agents Martin Lesak and Jason Heyman to UTA, while it is feared that others including Will Ferrell and Melissa McCarthy will follow in his footsteps. Meanwhile, it is so hard to care about this story.