Owl City gets happy in new ‘Shooting Star’ video from ‘Escape From Planet Earth’

Owl City is back with a new video for “Shooting Star,” another danceable, extremely upbeat and positive pop anthem which his fans will surely enjoy.

This one is in service of the upcoming animated film “Escape From Planet Earth,” and the brand new video shows clips from the movie — about friendly aliens stranded on Earth and trying to make their way back home — and Owl City main man Adam Young jamming on a deserted street in downtown L.A.

As always, he’s smiling, smiling, smiling. That guy is just so happy.

“Star’s” lyrics reflect his positive attitude, encouraging listeners to “shine brighter than a shooting star/shine no matter where you are,” even after the sun goes out (which scientists predict won’t happen for billions of years). 

The upbeat music, all synths, dance beats and big, soaring, fist-pumping hooks, is equally lively, giving listeners the feeling of walking into an all-ages party full of cheerleaders, motivational speakers and the adorable little blue guys seen in the movie. It’s just that peppy. 

Watch the video here:

“Escape From Planet Earth” features the voices of Rob Corddry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brendan Fraser, Jessica Alba, William Shatner, Craig Robinson and Sofía Vergara. It opens February 14, which is Valentine’s Day… Awwwwww….

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