‘Paranormal Activity 5’ gets release date

“Paranormal Activity 5” is officially heading to a theater near you.

Despite hitting a franchise low at the box-office with the most recent installment (still a huge success with $135 million worldwide on a $5 million budget), Paramount has slated the next installment in the blockbuster horror series for an October 25, 2013 release (via Deadline). That follows the modus operandi of the last three films, all of which hit theaters the week prior to Halloween.

At this point there is no director attached to the sequel, though the plot is expected to follow from the storyline set up in the previous films. Series regular Katie Featherston is slated to reprise her role from “Paranormals 1-4.”

In addition to the fifth installment, Paramount also has a “Paranormal Activity” spin-off movie aimed at a Latino audience in the works. That film will be directed by Christopher Landon, who wrote “Paranormal Activitys 2-4” and previously helmed the critically-panned ensemble thriller “Burning Palms” starring Dylan McDermott, Shannen Doherty, Zoe Saldana, Lake Bell, Nick Stahl and Paz Vega.

Will you be seeing “Paranormal Activity 5” when it comes out, or has franchise fatigue finally taken hold of you?