‘Parenthood’ reveals end date, finale title

“Parenthood” reveals end date, finale title
Airing Jan. 29, the final episode will be called “May God Bless and Keep You Always,” the first line from “Parenthood”s” theme “Forever Young” performed by Bob Dylan.

Watch “The Cosby Show” with Bill Cosby blurred out
The Onion”s Clickhole has found a way of enjoying “The Cosby Show” without feeling weird.

HBO developing a comedy pilot about ’80s music video crew members, from David Fincher
“Living on Noise” will focus on the early days of music videos, with Fincher aboard as executive producer and director of the pilot.

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“Sons of Anarchy”s” series finale song is a hit
“Come Join the Murder” debuted this week at No. 9 on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs chart.

Will UK”s Channel 4 scrap its North Korea spy thriller in wake of “The Interview”?
In August, Channel 4 announced “Opposite Number,” a 10-part series about a British nuclear scientist taken prisoner in North Korea.

UK teens invent a wristband that pauses and records live TV when you fall asleep in front of the tube
The two British school kids, ages 15 and 14, created their KipstR wristband so that it can printed via a 3-D printer.

James Corden talking about “The Late Late Show” amounts to an “anti-buzz campaign”
Corden is trying as hard as he can to manage expectations for his new gig. “If I turn it down, Les Moonves doesn”t come back in five years and go, ‘Let”s go back to that guy who turned us down five years ago,”” he says. “This isn”t a play or a movie. These seats are prized things and it”s not lost on me what an honor it is to be in one of them.”