Paula Patton on ‘2 Guns,’ working with Denzel Washington, and learning from Sugarfoot

Is the IMF a better gig or the DEA? Paula Patton, one of the stars of the new movie “2 Guns,” also played a large role in “Mission: Impossible IV” and now has seen the workings of both agencies. Okay, yes, there is no IMF, but that didn’t stop us from asking Patton which job would be better. Her answer? It depends on the assignment.
 In “2 Guns,” Patton is a DEA agent, and researched the role by talking to a former field agent. “I couldn’t get a DEA agent that was actually in the field, cause that would be dangerous to both of us,” but Patton did find a retired agent named Brenda, willing to discuss the ins and outs of the job.   One of the things Patton learned was that Brenda (possibly codenamed “Sugarfoot”), who, despite being “courageous” and “strong,” used her femininity to undo criminals. “You don’t see Sugarfoot coming, you don’t think Sugarfoot is going to be the one that brings down your drug empire.”
We also talked to Patton about reuniting with her “Déjà vu” co-star, Denzel Washington. Talking about that first collaboration, Patton says “Working with Denzel was one of the most amazing, important, moments in my career” and goes on to say that “2 Guns” was “like a refresher course.”
Swinging back around to that IMF vs. DEA thing, Patton closes our interview by telling that rather than choosing between the agencies, she’ll “take both.”
“2 Guns” is currently in theaters and also stars Mark Wahlberg and Bill Paxton.