Peter Weller talks ‘RoboCop’ at ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ release party

“Star  Trek Into Darkness” warped onto DVD and Blu-ray this week, and the stars of the film came out to celebrate, including the man who plays Admiral Marcus in the JJ Abrams sequel, Peter Weller.

HitFix had the opportunity to talk to Weller on the red carpet and couldn’t help asking the star of the original “RoboCop” if he happened to see the trailer released last week for the franchise reboot.   The rebooted “RoboCop” due to hit theaters next year and stars Joel Kinnaman (“The Killing”) in the Peter Weller role.

Weller’s short answer is that he hasn’t seen the trailer, but that he wishes the people involved in the film well. For the full, long answer, you’ll have to click play but to give you a taste, we’ll say that Weller spends most of the time discussing the 1987 original, which he feels still works today.
On more than one occasion in the short interview, Weller describes the first “RoboCop” as “brilliant.” He also feels that one of the reasons that the film is as good as it is, is that director “Paul Verhoeven is gifted.”
Lastly, we will note that Weller does refer to the first “RoboCop” as “one-off” even though he starred in the 1990 sequel directed by Irvin Kershner (Weller did not appear in “RoboCop 3”).