Pharrell’s Glorious Hat Was The Grammys Breakout Star, Becomes Meme

The Grammys are always as much about the crazy red carpet looks as they are about celebrating music, and this year was no exception. And much like the short story ‘The Lottery’ we were all forced to read in high school, every year the masses choose to single out a target for the social media harvest. This year, the lucky winner was Pharrell. Or more specifically, Pharrell’s glorious hat. BEHOLD!

Photo Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Definitely a…unique hat. Or so Pharrell thought. But he couldn’t have been more wrong. Unless he was trying to turn his choice of headgear into an internet sensation. In which case, well played sir. Great success! 

Arby’s kicked it off by pointing out a shocking similarity.

// And you know what, the resemblance is uncanny. Photo Via Corrupted Imaginations

Before long, other brands were getting in on the action.


Then – of course – Pharrell’s Hat got it’s own parody twitter account.


After that, no vaguely brown hat was safe from the social media lampoon. After the jump, decide for yourself: is the greater fashion sin Pharrell’s hat or the fact so many doppelgangers already exist in our collective pop culture lexicon?