The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ International Trailer Confirms Keira Knightley’s Return

Did you know we’re about a month away from the release of the latest Pirates movie? Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales arrives in theaters May 26, 2017 but you wouldn’t know it based on hanging out on the internet. Maybe audiences are finally burnt out on zombie pirates? Maybe Johnny Depp’s real-life drama combined with several flops (looking at you Alice Through the Looking Glass) has bled some of the star power off him. Maybe it’s because outside of “new undead villain wants to kill Jack Sparrow,” audiences still don’t know what the the plot is.

Whatever the case, Pirates 5 is breaking out the big guns with the international trailer. Not only is Orlando Bloom reprising his role in the franchise, but someone backed a truck of money up to Keira Knightley’s house too. It’s long been assumed Brenton Thwaites is playing young Henry Turner, the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Considering Thwaites is only four years younger than Knightley, that feels a little off. However, the sun-dappled lighting on Knightley in the one shot featuring her in the trailer feels like a flashback. It’s entirely possible that all the supernatural shenanigans have unnaturally extended the life of Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew. As the new Davy Jones, Bloom would be virtually the same, save for the gross barnacles growing on his face that are triggering my trypophobia which is a crime against Bloom’s face. How dare you, make-up department? How. Dare. You.

The international trailer also gives us a few more clues to the plot. The gang is looking for a trident… for reasons?